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Media Industry Solution

Satellite | Cable | Social Media | OTT (Over-The-Top) Platforms | Digital Media | CRS | Radio

Streaming Solutions

Media | Education | Corporates | Mass Communication | Hospital OT | Cable Head ends and many more.

Acoustics Solutions

Video & Audio Recording, Studios | Auditoriums | Home Theatre | Corporate Studios

Lighting Solutions

Auditoriums | Video Recording Studios | Events | Dubbing Theatres | Public Address | Home Theatres

Digiwaves Solutions is a full line National & Regional Distribution Hub, Dealers, C&F Agents for a wide range of Products of Reputed Makes.

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What We Offer

Video + Audio Production Equipment & Solutions for Satellite TV Channels, Cable TV Channels, Social Media OTT Channels, Corporate Channels, etc.
Critical Communication Systems (Talk Back Systems) – Defence Sectors, Broadcasting Station, Hospitals, Nuclear Power Plants, Emergency Evacuation Systems,
Streaming Solutions, OTT Solutions, 2 Way Audio – Video Communication for Education, Tele-medicine, etc.
Acoustics Solutions for Shooting Studio, Radio Stations, Home Theatre, etc.
Lighting Solutions for Auditorium, TV Studios, Corporate Studios, Museums, Architectural Lightings, many more.
Audio Systems – Public Address Systems, Music Studios, Home Theatre Systems.
Video Systems – 4K / 6K / 8K Recorders, Multi-Camera Switchers, ISO Recorders, Slow Motion Switchers, Media Convertors, Scalers, Encoders, Decoders & Much More
Logo on the Microphone for all the TV Channels. We Create Logo of any type, colour & size on a acoustical Wind Shield or Standard Acrylic Moulds.

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Modern Equipment

Digiwaves Solutions provide clients with latest and modern equipments.

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Digiwaves Solution believes in providing creative and efficient solution for the industry.

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Our clients are always happy with our designs, solutions Á deployment across various verticals.

Consultation Support

We help you to find & decide the best possible reliable products & services at a great price to suit your budgets.

Digiwaves Solutions is a one stop solutions to all your Audio-Video production issues.

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